Dynamic Computing is looking for an IT Field Technician!

Dynamic Computing is a leading IT Service Provider to small companies located in the Puget Sound region and beyond.  We provide Managed IT Services, IT Support & Consulting, and integrate cloud and mobile technologies for companies who have complex IT needs but are too small to warrant having a dedicated IT department.

We’re looking forward to adding a great new member to our team.  Thanks in advance for your consideration.

This is a new position with the goal of getting things done better and faster and helping drive efficiencies throughout our service operations.  You’ll be focused on three types of work – client onsite service delivery, service team project delivery and general ticket coverage.  You will also be scheduled to assist with larger projects on a case-by-case basis.

Remote First: Dynamic Computing has adopted a remote first approach.  We believe this to be a strategic advantage and continue to innovate on new ways technology can improve how we do business and help our clients.  The IT field technician position will be primarily “in person” due to the nature of the position but have some flexibility options for remote work as schedule and workload permits.

What kind of person are we looking for? 

  • Cutting Edge – As an IT service provider, we’re focused on delivering the latest and greatest to our clients, while keeping their business objectives in the front of our minds.  That means that we need you to learn all about new technologies, tools, and trends to keep our team and clients current.
  • Thirsty for Knowledge – Our clients have questions, and it’s important that we give them great answers!  We want you to be the Wikipedia of all things technology (complete with excellent peer review abilities to help your teammates grow their knowledge).
  • Customer Service Oriented – There will be a good amount of time spent both onsite in front of the client and over the phone troubleshooting issues remotely.  You’ll need to conduct yourself with professionalism and a flare that will keep the client requesting you to help them.
  • Network Infantry – At times, we’ll be dropping you into an undocumented environment of hidden switches, ancient routers, and rogue access points with no weapons or maps to guide you. We need you to make sense of it all, document the details and get the rest of the team the information needed to support the site.
  • Project Whisperer – Completing projects comprehensively, under budget, with little to no oversight is your bread and butter.  Clients love to keep efficient timelines and it excites you to be able to help from start to finish.
  • Checklist Master – 60% success rates just aren’t going to cut it.  You’ll have a lot to keep track of, and getting the details organized, accurate, and consistently executed upon is critical.  This job will need someone who enjoys managing lots of little things while focusing on preventing bigger problems.
  • An Accomplished Juggler – You’ll be doing remote support tickets, onsite appointments, engineering goals, reports, alerts, and other work while simultaneously avoiding nerf darts each day.  We’re looking for your best Matrix-like Keanu Reeves impression while you’re knocking out to-do’s faster than we can send new ones your way.

So, what will I be doing every day?

  • Projects and Onsite Visits– A large portion of this position is completing routine projects for our clients.  You’ll become an expert at preparing, coordinating, and delivering on these projects and will continually improve our standards and best practices along the way.
  • Service Ticket Coverage – People get sick or go on vacation all the time.  While not your primary job, you will be asked to keep the ball rolling on tickets that require attention in these situations.
  • Larger Project Assistance – Occasionally we need an extra hand to help prep or deliver larger projects.  You’ll be asked to assist in a supporting role help us complete larger projects faster
  • Customer/Client Service – This position is highly interactive with our clients and requires a great and friendly attitude.  You’ll be responsible for dealing with all different types of people and businesses with varying knowledge levels and decision-making abilities regarding technology.
  • Client Environment Expertise – Our clients will expect you know everything about everything with a power plug or RJ45 jack on it.  We understand this is clearly impossible.  But what you don’t know, we’re going to help you learn!  You’ll use our internal knowledge base and leverage your teammates to learn how to deal with unfamiliar setups and problems and develop the expertise our clients are looking for.
  • Documentation – We all know that our own internal filing systems make sense.  To us.  But unfortunately, they make no sense to anyone else.  Which is why we have a wonderful, amazing, peer-reviewed, and internally created knowledge base!  It’s your job to create, edit, add, subtract, replace, and improve it every single day.  That way when the next guy or gal has the same issue, they’ve got your best and brightest ideas on how to fix it all teed up and ready to go.
  • Continuing Education – We plan on making you learn.  About a lot of stuff.  All the time.  Even when you don’t want to.  And you’re going to have to get certified on it.  And we’ll pay you for doing it.  It’s a wonderful thing for someone who’s looking to grow, and we won’t settle for anything less than your best and brightest.

What are the requirements for this position?

Here is a list of our “must-haves” in a Field Technician:

  • Possesses a high level of integrity / honesty – In a small company, each team member relies on their team to complete their job effectively.  Mistakes will always be made.  It’s very important to us to ensure that those mistakes are recognized, admitted, and resolved as quickly as possible when they occur.  We don’t expect perfection but do expect honesty 100% of the time.
  • Knowledgeable – If you do apply, you’ll get the great pleasure of passing about 15 different tests before you’re granted an interview.  Well not really 15, more like 3, but it might feel like 15 by the time you’re done.  Make sure you brush up on your survey-monkey skills, so we can make that the taste we get of what you’ll be like every day is representative of your vast knowledge.
  • Hard Working – We’re a company that’s growing, changing, and pushing the envelope every single day.  We’re going to expect you to work hard and focus on moving yourself forward.  It’ll be worth it.  We promise.
  • Helpful – We’re a team.  We want you to be an integral part of it.  Which means we need you to help us, and we’ll help you, and we’ll all do it with smiles on our faces (at least most of the time).
  • 3 years of applicable IT experience – preferably working for an MSP/IT Service Provider primarily handling customer facing tickets, projects, or escalations.
  • MCP, A+, and Network+ Certifications or equivalent for computer hardware troubleshooting, networking, and for the latest Windows desktop operating systems.
  • Experience administering firewalls, networking equipment and wireless systems including certifications.
  • Educated – There are a few pre-requisites for a job at Dynamic Computing.  One is that you got an education that will help support your career path.  For this position, it means at least an AA or Technical degree in something that’s at least kind of computer or IT related.  If you’ve got a bachelor’s degree, that’s even better (unless it’s in General Studies).  Heck, we’ll even take a master’s degree (although we might not be able to afford you).  If you’ve got a PhD, then we definitely can’t afford you.  Sorry.

What do I get for all my hard work?

Good question!  Here’s the scoop on this position:

  • Money – The salary range for this position is $40 – $60k/year depending on experience.  After you’ve completed your training, you’ll be eligible for our roadmap-based bonus, which gives you the opportunity to earn an additional 10% of your salary each quarter.
  • Time – We’d like 40 hours/week from you.  It might be 45 some weeks, but hopefully not too often.  We’ll try our best not to have it hit 50.  And you’ll keep a roughly business hours schedule (we’re open 8:30 am – 5:00 pm).
  • Medical – We pay 100% of your medical insurance! (We’re not kidding). We’ll also contribute to your HSA account after you’ve been here for 6 months, and we’d encourage you to do the same (not to mention that you get a tax break for doing so).
  • Disability – We also pay 100% of the cost of a short and long-term disability insurance policy for you — it ensures that you continue to receive income if you get hurt and are unable to work.
  • Retirement – We provide a Simple IRA retirement plan, matched dollar per dollar for up to the first 3% of your salary, and you’ll become eligible after 6 months of employment.
  • Paid Holidays – You’ll get paid for 9 holidays without even showing up to work! You’ll get to pick either MLK or President’s Day, plus Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & following Friday, two days at Christmas, and New Year’s Day.
  • Additional PTO – You get 15 additional paid personal days off per year — you can use them if you’re sick or for a vacation.
  • Transit Pass – You’ll get an ORCA card that entitles you to free transit on the bus, train, light rail and more that you can use to get to work (and for your personal use).

How do I apply?

Please submit your resume and cover letter through the job board.  You can also see all the positions currently available on our website. No phone calls or recruiters please.  If you’re serious about this job, please tell us “why” you’re the person we’re looking for.  We’re looking forward to learning more about you!

Thanks for taking the time to read our novel of a job posting.  We hope you are as excited about this opportunity as we are!



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