Security Awareness Training

Arm your employees with the information they need to avoid attacks.

Education Is the Best Security Tool

Employees are the first line of defense against cyber attacks. They are also the most common entry point for attackers.

Email phishing, social engineering, stolen equipment like phones and laptops, unsanctioned software installs, easily hacked passwords — each of these and other security lapses depend on the action, or inaction, of employees.

In order to improve your security across the board, it’s important to regularly train employees on security best practices, how to spot potential threats, and what to do if they suspect — or have knowledge of — a successful attack.

Why Security Awareness Training Matters

Bad actors are always tinkering and experimenting with new tactics to con individuals out of their credentials or gain a foothold within a company’s network. If they are successful, the damage can be swift and costly.


Compliance failures can result in severe penalties


Data breaches have devastating consequences on company reputations


Recovering from a data breach grinds productivity to a halt


Breaches can destroy careers or even a company

What's Included?

Our Security Awareness Training services are designed to ensure employees are well prepared to protect themselves and the company. We focus on six critical areas of training:

  • Recognizing phishing attempts
  • Secure internet and email usage
  • Password best practices
  • Data handling
  • Reporting security incidents
  • Social engineering methods and how to spot them

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