Custom IT Solutions for Life Sciences

Balance the demand for compliance and growth with IT solutions engineered for life science & biotech’s complex needs.

Engineer IT To Meet a
Higher Standard

Position your company for growth while locking down compliance with expert IT solutions tailored to the unique needs of the life sciences & biotech industries.

From meeting rigorous standards and managing numerous instruments, vendors, and software packages to ensuring your technology can support fast and scalable growth, biotech companies face complex – and often competing – IT needs. Tap into our industry expertise and advanced solutions to satisfy the dueling demands of compliance and growth. We offer:

  • Comprehensive industry-specific solutions for growing biotechnology firms in the Pacific Northwest with 20+ employees.
  • In-depth IT assessments and roadmaps that position you for short- and long-term success.
  • An experienced team that understands the unique IT needs of biotech and the standards it must adhere to.
  • A secure and flexible cloud-based infrastructure that enables quick, scalable growth and meets all industry standards.

Biotech Is Complex –
We Do IT Right

When it comes to IT, few industries are as complex as biotech. Combining extensive industry experience and technological expertise, we deliver IT solutions designed to drive organizational success.

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Ensure Compliance

Satisfy complex compliance requirements with industry-specific solutions tailored to the unique needs of the biotech industry.

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Enable Growth

Position your business for quick and scalable growth with flexible cloud-based solutions that meet your current needs and future goals.

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Enhance Security

Protect client data, sensitive IP, and your reputation with comprehensive cyber security solutions customized to your needs.

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Leverage Expertise

Turn IT into an asset with a partner that uses deep biotech experience to create a custom plan for leveraging the right technology.

Our IT Solutions

More than just a provider, we partner with biotech companies to deliver custom
IT solutions that draw from expertise in our core competencies.

Managed IT Services

Make IT yours with comprehensive managed IT solutions tailored to your unique needs.

IT Consulting

Take IT to the next level with a partner that goes deeper to meet your evolving business goals.

Cyber Security

Lock IT down with comprehensive security services engineered for complexity and compliance.

IT Audits

Unlock the power of technology by uncovering your business’ IT strengths and weaknesses.

Client Success Stories

“Dynamic Computing scaled their services to our growth, making sure we had exactly what we needed to work seamlessly as a team. We never had to question the IT side of our growth. They set us up for success.”
Rick Tolleshaug | Senior Principal Architect | Milbrandt Architects

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