Advanced Firewalling

Keep malicious activity from reaching your organization’s networks.

The Barrier Between Your Business and Bad Actors

Firewalls are the barriers between your organization’s internal networks and the greater internet. They determine who or what is allowed to enter — essentially traffic cops that either block or wave through incoming and outgoing traffic.

Beyond security, firewalls safeguard sensitive data to assist in compliance and regulatory requirements. They also help ensure critical applications have the necessary bandwidth to function by preventing resource-intensive tasks from overwhelming your network. 

There are three main components of firewalls. Packet inspection examines data packets when they arrive, rule evaluation compares packets against a set of rules, and logging of packet information for monitors and analyzes network activity.

Why Firewalls Matter

Your organization’s networks are not inherently secure. Without safeguards like firewalls, any application or individual that can access your networks is free to run rampant. This means they can have free reign to:


Slow or block your access to applications


Steal sensitive information like customer data


Deploy malicious applications like ransomware


Grind your operations to a halt

What's Included?

As part of our cyber security services, we can develop and deploy a wide range of firewalls to meet your organization’s unique needs. 

  • Packet filtering firewalls that operate at the network layer and make decisions based on attributes like source, destination IP address, and port numbers.
  • Stateful inspection firewalls that combine the features of packet filtering and deep inspection, making it possible to keep track of the state of active connections to a network
  • Proxy firewalls that act as intermediaries between internal and external networks
  • Application layer firewalls that operate at the application layer to inspect and filter traffic based on specific applications and protocols
  • “Next Gen” firewalls that mix traditional capabilities with advanced features like intrusion prevention, application awareness, and content filtering

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