Property Management Firm IT Case Study: Blanton Turner

Blanton Turner, with 82 properties and 1.2 million square feet of commercial space to manage, needed an IT revolution.

Blanton Turner, a cutting-edge property management firm, needed a forward-thinking IT solution. With 82 properties and 1.2 million square feet of commercial space to manage, traditional real estate IT services could not keep up.

The Blanton Turner principals turned to Dynamic Computing. They’ve never looked back.


Asking the right questions

Real estate and property management leaders depend on seamless technology systems. Reliable IT is an essential part of their service offerings. From handling tenant transactions to maintenance task tracking to operating security systems and elevators, IT has to work.

Everything comes down to IT.

Blanton Turner needed to find a strategic IT partner. “Our previous IT provider didn’t understand or anticipate our specific needs, and that ended up costing us extra time and money,” says Chasten Fulbright, the company’s Principal & Creative Innovator.

“Dynamic Computing asked us all the right questions,” says Chasten. “They provided a comprehensive perspective of what we needed for the long run. Kevin was exhaustive in his exploration.”


Understanding the business

From day one, Dynamic Computing’s CEO, Kevin Gemeroy, made it a point to understand the property management business so his team could deliver the IT solutions necessary for success.

“Blanton Turner has a complex and specific set of needs spread across more than 50 separately staffed locations. We wanted to be sure that every employee at every property has the technology tools they need to excel,” Kevin explains.

To address these needs, Dynamic Computing equipped all Blanton Turner locations with access to fast and flexible cloud-based infrastructure and efficient email and communication systems. Dynamic further secured the properties against emerging security threats and offered the Blanton Turner team a comprehensive managed IT support plan that included far more than just a help desk and centralized ticketing system.

“It enables our teams to work proactively and own their workflows a little more intimately, so they feel empowered to manage their properties well,” says Chasten. 

Prepared for the unexpected

When COVID-19 hit, Dynamic Computing had already been working with Blanton Turner to enhance remote technologies for over a year.

“Our whole process of building our system with Dynamic was strategic, and we got the system that we wanted,” said Alan Byars, Principal & Head of ‘Legume Inventory.’

“We were ready to work from home. Our entire system was set up,” Chasten adds. “We spent all of one day fine tuning our system to work for this unique situation. Because we had the infrastructure in place, it was very easy switch to enable our entire workforce to work remotely. Dynamic’s strategic approach prepared us for the unexpected.”

Among Dynamic Computing’s recommend systems, the RingCentral communications platform has made a difference throughout the Governor’s Stay at Home order.

“Having a messaging and group collaboration program in place was really important for us. It helped us keep our culture. It’s another way for people who are working remote to stay connected to one another,” Chasten comments.

Blanton Turner also recently transitioned to Dropbox Business. Chasten states, “Previously we had been on a local file server. Dynamic Computing assessed our workflows and has led us through significant shifts in our document management strategies. The introduction of Dropbox Paper meant that collaborative remote technology was established and we were ready to handle COVID-19.”


Looking to the long term

As Blanton Turner’s principals look to the future, Dynamic Computing remains a key part of their strategy. “Dynamic Computing is responsive to our needs and adapts with our business,” Alan says.

He adds, “Dynamic Computing is part of our property management service offering. As such, Kevin and his team have produced detailed cost information for our client base. When the cost-benefit question comes up, we have compelling resources that highlight the benefits of a great IT plan. We couldn’t provide our level of service without them.”

Moreover, Dynamic Computing’s foresight helps Blanton Turner choose the right thing instead of the cheapest thing. This approach has prevented the company from feeling the impact of worldwide security breaches and prevents regular phishing attempts.

Alan and Chasten affirm that Dynamic Computing continues to be an integral part of Blanton Turner’s plan for growth and continued excellence. “Dynamic has set us up well to roll things out. It’s definitely a partnership,” says Chasten. “The world is changing quickly, and we’re on a platform that allows us to make those changes and excel in the process.”

Dynamic has set us up well to roll things out. It’s definitely a partnership. The world is changing quickly, and we’re on a platform that allows us to make those changes and excel in the process.

Chasten Fulbright, Principal & Creative Innovator / Blanton Turner

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