Always Be Eating: Spotlight on Josh Youngberg

  • January 04, 2019
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  • Posted by Krissy Keel

As one of our newer employees, Systems Administrator Josh Youngberg has been working for about six months behind the scenes to make sure our clients' programs are running smoothly. He's also our resident Arcteryx model, snacker-in-chief, and dedicated Dog Dad. 

How did you get your start at DC? 
My girlfriend and I lived in Kansas City, Missouri and decided we wanted to move to Seattle. I applied lots of places, but I feel like I got lucky with the timing of this role and everything sort of fell into place pretty quickly. 

What do you like most about your job?
There's always a variety of things to work on, so I'm never bored. I also like being at a small place with less employees that's a more tight-knit. Also, I can bike to work, and there's lots of great snacks!

What advice would you give potential new DC employees?
I know it sounds common, but don't be afraid to ask for help. I know a lot of people are shy and don't want others to know they lack knowledge, but no one knows everything! Everyone here has always been super helpful, and never judgmental. 

Do you have motto or personal mantra? 
"There are two states of being: eating, or thinking about what you're going to eat next."

What was the most interesting / weirdest job you've ever had? 
In between working at the grocery store as a teenager and my first computer IT job, my buddy and I had a business where we were essentially car flippers. We'd buy $500 Craigslist cars, fix them up, and then sell them for $2,000 or more. We were pretty darn successful. We stopped because we basically got to a point where if we sold any more cars in a year, we'd have to get a dealer license and file a lot of paperwork. 

What chore do you absolutely hate doing? 
Raking leaves is the worst!* One year, my dad's house had over 100 bags of leaves. In the midwest we have oak mites, too, so if you don't bundle up correctly you get a rash all over. It's just the worst.

*author's note: this is probably the most animated I've ever seen Josh, and that says something. He really, really hates raking leaves. 

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see cast as you? 
People used to say I looked like Adam Brody when I had longer, curly hair. The dream would actually be Daniel Day-Lewis, but I think I'm way beneath him at this point. 

Any weird things that upset you? 
At a vet checkup for our dog back in Kansas City, the vet tried to tell us that she was a little overweight. I didn't realize it then, but I got super upset and went into protective parent mode. I tried to argue with the vet, that she was just "thick skinned," and I totally missed the point. In hindsight it felt like "no one tells me my perfect little angel is anything but perfect!" I try to be kinder at vet appointments now.

What's your secret talent?
I've done everything you can possibly do on a car. I don't know if it's a talent, but it's something you learn when you're a kid with no money and you have to fix your own car. 

What was ten-year-old Josh like?
Essentially a miniature version of 36-year-old Josh. I remember being at my grandma's house with my older cousins and my brothers, and wanting to participate but unsure of where my "in" was.  I'd say I was very eager to join, but socially self-conscious. I was also a very helpful child, according to my grandmother. 

What advice would you give 18-year-old Josh? 
Focus on happiness and maintaining connections with people. It's easy to let relationships slip away when you're a kid, and don't understand the consequences of your actions. Also, spend less money on stupid sh*t. 

What are you passionate about? 
I can find passion in a lot of things. I like to find one thing and then just learn everything I possibly can about it. I started researching bikes back in June and now I'm borderline obsessed. It's just really cool to dig into all the aspects of something and then become an expert in whatever that thing is. 

What's on your wish list for the next 10 years?
Balance my career and a fulfilling personal life, for sure. I really want to travel more and explore new places, and seeing what the world has to offer. I lived in Kansas City for 36 years, so it's weird all the little things you pick up on when you move across the country. I want to explore the differences in other places, and go outside North America. 

What his coworkers have to say about him:
"Josh has been a great addition to our team! He's someone who will always help out where he can, and he's willing to jump into anything the office has thrown at him."

"Josh is a really nice person! His humor and lighthearted demeanor have been a fantastic addition to the office, and it's been fun to watch him become a true Seattle-ite in the adventures he shares with us." 

"Since Josh has joined our team, it's been a seamless integration. He's always helpful, happy and I keep discovering more interesting things about him!"

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