Minimize Headaches and Maximize Productivity With Remote IT Support

Every business relies on its IT systems running smoothly to keep employees productive and organizational goals on track. But every business has its own distinct strategies, objectives, and points of friction that all need consideration.

The remote IT support provider you choose needs to operate like an extension of your business, custom fit to your day to day, and always available to respond to your unique environment.

Experience Is Key When Choosing a Provider

Remote IT support services are ideal for companies that don’t have their own internal IT department or aren’t fully gathered in one office that can be directly reached by their internal team. It’s a lot of responsibility to protect data, integrate workflows, and optimize and maintain an entire IT system, so you want to be sure you’re choosing a provider that has a lot of experience.

COVID Proved Remote IT Helps Businesses Thrive

Since COVID, nearly all workplaces have expanded their footprint through remote and hybrid workers. It’s simply not practical anymore to expect an internal IT team to manage such a massive territory.

You need a team that can provide you with client and coworker collaboration tools, remote tech support, and solutions to any other issues that arise. Whether your business has a few dozen employees or a few hundred, remote IT support will benefit your business tremendously.

When You Understand the Benefits, It’s a No-Brainer

What was once a luxury is now a necessity. Your business needs every minute it can get – remote IT support maximizes the time your company is up and running. Consider these basic must-haves of any business today:

  • Universal reach. With remote IT support at your fingertips, assistance is available wherever you are, whenever you need it. Whether you’re presenting in a boardroom or networking in Europe, your dedicated support team is always a single call away.
  • Speed. When servers crash, business stalls. Opportunities falter, your profits plummet, and your entire company’s time and potential is wasted. In the past, it took hours for the support person to arrive and even begin diagnosing the problem. With remote IT support, there’s no more waiting around for a technician to finish their lunch break and drive out to your location. Highly trained professionals are immediately accessible and equipped to get you up and running again in minutes, so that you can get back to the things that really matter.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Advances in cloud computing, screen sharing software, and stable internet have made it possible to dramatically reduce the costs of tech support that in-person troubleshooters are saddling you with. Remote IT support services enable you to invest those recovered funds into preventative measures and future projects instead.

It’s a Different World Out There

In today’s world, employees no longer work exclusively 9 to 5 in a fixed location. These days, teams are just as likely to be working from home or navigating around a unique schedule. Your IT solutions need to adapt to modern business.

Most technical difficulties are able to be solved remotely today. Remote support technicians can resolve multiple issues in different locations before an “in-person” tech even gets in their car. Leveraging remote IT support sets your business and employees up to be more successful.

Look for More From Your Remote IT Support Provider

When choosing a provider for remote IT support, it’s important to consider everything they may offer as a full-service managed service provider. As work models continue to shift and evolve, and your business adapts, grows, and develops new strategic goals, you want to know your providers can scale along with you.

Here’s a list of some of the big things to look for:

  • Cloud services. Knowing your data is always backed up and your workspace is accessible from anywhere is essential today. With a cloud service, your entire facility could burn to the ground, and you’d still be able to work the next morning.
  • Comprehensive IT management. Full-service providers work with you to develop a multiyear roadmap that shows you exactly what’s happening throughout your network, including capital budget recommendations for sustaining systems. They provide regular maintenance, replace outdated equipment, and install your new products as they come in.
  • High availability. Peace of mind comes from knowing your employees can access support around the clock, that they’ll receive help within minutes rather than hours, and that when they do, they’ll be satisfied with it over 99% of the time.
  • Scalability. It’s best to look for IT providers that specialize in supporting what you envision for your business – to grow and thrive. Whether you’re an innovative startup or high-end corporation, they’ll treat you with the highest touch service and can scale for your long-term, sustainable success.
  • Cyber security. Every business needs to know their data, networks, and systems are secure to operate at their peak. Cyber security is a constantly evolving field, and it takes a very experienced IT provider with advanced audit capabilities to stay on top of it. Businesses with higher-than-average cyber security needs, including medical practices, law firms, the insurance industry, and financial companies, require higher-than-average security defenses to match.

Choose an IT Managed Service Provider That Offers Remote and Onsite Support

Not all IT support services are created equal. Many companies choose to outsource their IT departments with either onsite support from contract workers or a remote help desk located in another country, which can often leave the employee experience lacking. Smart executives understand that not all IT support services are created equally. Most businesses need a full suite of managed IT services to ensure that your processes are efficient and that your data is secure.

In a world where new types of cyber-attacks are originating every day, comprehensive IT support services are more vital than ever. You want to give your employees the best in both in-person and remote tech support, so they can spend less time trying to troubleshoot each other’s IT problems and more time pushing the next big idea forward. Seek out a proactive IT services provider that knows how to fix issues before they ever happen.




Kevin is the Founder and CEO of Dynamic Computing. He’s both a visionary leader and an expert hands on practitioner with years of experience in all things IT. Dynamic Computing makes technology work for top-performing small to mid-sized organizations in the Seattle area. We offer managed IT services, IT consulting and transformations for companies from a few to a few hundred employees. Kevin founded Dynamic Computing in the year 2000 while in attending the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. As a fourth generation small business owner and entrepreneur, Kevin knew that small to mid-sized companies needed a better solution to help guide and support their use of technology. So he set out to build a company that would look closer to truly understand our clients' businesses and partner with them to guide and support them on their path. Over the past few years, we've focused our energy on growth, change and improvement, scaling our operations and improving our processes with every step. We've managed to triple the size of our team and revenues while consistently ranking among the best in class for industry performance. Kevin was recognized as a 40 under 40 honoree by the Puget Sound Business Journal in 2018 and as Washington State's Mr. Future Business Leader by FBLA in 1998. So what’s next? Well, we're building the premier managed IT services company in the Pacific Northwest and we won’t stop until we get there. We hope you’ll join us on our journey.