Benefits of Using DropBox as a Architecture Project Management Software For Architects & Office Firms

Business is good. Your client list is growing. Your team is thriving. You’re ready for the next step. It’s time to expand your architecture firm and open a new office.

As a firm owner, you need to know that your teams can work without disruption and collaborate easily regardless of location, and you need to know that your infrastructure can handle it. Dropbox Business works on both counts. Here’s how to use Dropbox for your architecture firm.


Augment Your Current Servers 

One of the biggest obstacles to getting a new office off the ground (or in this case, on the ground) is establishing your server system. As a cloud-based platform, Dropbox Business can work with your company’s current set-up to handle file storage, sharing, and collaboration in one central, easy-to-access easy-to access place. As your architects wait for basic office supplies to arrive at the new location, Dropbox will be up and ready to access your firm’s archives and push you into the next chapter.

Reduce Risk, Streamline Workflow

Dropbox Business takes your work seriously. As your teams collaborate on projects from new locations, you need to know that your files are secure. Dropbox has a sophisticated infrastructure built to protect your data as it’s transferred, stored, and processed. They’ve developed both a technical framework and a company culture that prioritizes user security on all fronts, and we at Dynamic Computing feel confident in trusting Dropbox’s security standards.

project management software for architects

As you implement Dropbox Business and defer or avoid the need for a new, in-house server, Dropbox’s world-class infrastructure and user-friendly design also reduces your IT startup and maintenance costs, letting you prioritize the business you actually care about: architecture.


Dropbox in Action

Allworth Design, a landscape architecture firm with offices in Seattle and Port Townsend, used to rely on a clunky VPN setup to share large files between offices. With 30-45 second sync times, the teams endured endless frustration and disruption in their daily workflows. While they were hesitant to step into a new system, they knew something had to change.

As the team embraced Dropbox, they were surprised at how intuitive the platform was, even to the team members who considered themselves technologically challenged. Large CAD files used by designers now sync almost instantly, allowing the team to focus on getting the job done. Because Dropbox quickly syncs changes, users can now work on creating their best work without relying on email. With a little help from Dynamic Computing, the user-friendly platform enabled Allworth to migrate and implement Dropbox Business company-wide in under two months.

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